Fergie's Mom Reveals More Wedding Details

Terri Jackson, the mother of newly married pop star Fergie, jumped on the phone with Ryan Seacrest yesterday to share details about her daughter's wedding to Josh Duhamel, even though she was a bit hoarse and still in recovery mode from all that partying: "It was such a blast. You can hear it in my voice! There's a limit to how much fun I can have [laughs]."

The proud mama revealed that Fergie's sister, Dana, was the maid of honor—"I've never seen either one of them look more beautiful," she beamed—and confirmed that the entire bridal party wore Dolce & Gabbana by starting to sing Fergie's famous line from "My Humps" (Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Donna...) before collapsing into more adorable, motherly laughter.

When asked about the tight security at the wedding, Terri said, "I got a call from every friend, relative, saying, 'What do you mean she can't bring a camera? I won't sell the pictures to the paparazzi!" But in the end, Fergie's rule prevailed: "Nobody brought one."

Terri added that the wedding was a "strictly Catholic ceremony; the priest actually had to get special permission to marry them outside of a Catholic church building." Fergie and her new husband were married at the Church Estate Vineyards in Malibu.

As for the reception, it had all the makings of a starstudded concert, said Fergie's mother: "The afterparty was amazing. Kid Rock was there, will.i.am was rapping...it was an amazing show. Alfonso Ribeiro did "Bille Jean.' He was amazing! That boy can sing!'" Guess we'll have to take her word for it.

The interview finished off with Terri addressing the ever-persistent rumor that Fergie and Josh are having a baby. "Yes, that's it!...Josh's mother [is like], 'Would she hurry up and have that elephant?'"

Sounds like the entire ceremony was a blast for Fergie and her guests, but most especially for her mother, who's clearly still on a post-party high. Why can't all moms be this cool?