Fergie Reveals Her and Baby Axl Love to French Kiss: "It's So Delicious"

Fergie and Axl Duhamel

Fergie has an embarrassing story that future Axl Jack will never be able to live down!

The 39-year-old singer stopped by Chelsea Lately last week to dish on her Wet 'n Wild #MoreKisses campaign, in which she recreated an iconic photo from the '40s known as "Kissing the War Goodbye." Host of the E! show, Chelsea Handler, then asked Fergie who it was that she kissed.

"I kissed Axl and Josh at home—both French. My son likes to French kiss me a lot. It's so delicious!" Fergie replied.

"He goes in for the kill, but I'll have to cut that off at a certain age, or else that'll be weird."

Watch Fergie tell Chelsea Handler the story about kissing Axl here!