The 28 Most Adorable Pics of Fergie's Son, Axl Jack

There's no better way to brighten your mood than by looking at pictures of adorable babies! Luckily for us, Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie, and her husband, Josh Duhamel, love to share photos of their son, Axl JackCheck out all the super cute snapshots of the precious bebe:

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1. Axl Fireman

Meet Axl The Fireman

Fergie dressed up Axl Jack as a fireman to bring a little "heat" to daddy Josh Duhamel's 43rd birthday celebrations! 

2. axl playground

Rock Out On The Playground

Little Axl lives up to his namesake — Guns and Roses' frontman Axl Rose — in a rocker-worthy outfit, complete with skulls, leather and dark tinted sunnies. 

3. axl bike

Ridin' Dirty

Axl Jack joined his father for a quick spin around the neighborhood on a recent biking adventure. Clad in an adorable baby-sized helmet, the little guy seemed to enjoy the burst of fresh air as his active papa exercised.

4. Dasher, Prancer, Donner… and Axl:

Dasher, Prancer, Donner… and Axl. 

Fergie and Josh Duhamel sent their fans a holiday card complete with this absolutely precious picture of Axl Jack. Donning a flannel button-down and a pair of reindeer ears, this blue-eyed cutie makes us want to give him the biggest hug imaginable. 

5. Axl: Football

Divided Allegiance

Football season appears to be a divisive time at the Duhamel casa! Fergie proudly supports the Miami Dolphins, but Josh Duhamel loves the Minnesota Vikings. Little Axl Jack supported both parents by donning a Dolphins t-shirt beneath a Vikings track suit when the teams played each other on Sunday. 

6. Axl Jack: Football 2

Skol Vikings!

Uh oh! Josh Duhamel might be in trouble with his wife after posting this picture! "Mom thinks I'm rooting for the Dolphins. Let's let her keep thinking that," he wrote alongside this adorable snapshot.

7. Axl East Coast Love

East Coast Love

Axl Jack showed off his East Coast love in an adorable, miniature Wu-Tang Clan tee and personalized baseball cap. The little guy also practiced his newfound skill: walking! 

Last month, Fergie revealed that one-year-old Axl Jack had just taken his first steps. "I was shocked! He blamed up the stairs and he climbed back down," she said. "I was helping him back down and he got up the stairs and he [stretched out his arms] and came to me."

8. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Birthday 1

Post-party Cutie

"Yesterday my angel turned 1 year old. #proudmommy," Fergie wrote of this adorable photo.

9. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Birthday 2

Birthday Boy

For his 1st cumple, daddy Josh posted this adorable pic of Axl. "Happy birthday baby boy," he captioned the pic.

10. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: World Cup

I Believe That We Will Win

Axl Jack and daddy, Josh Duhamel, sported matching US soccer jerseys for the World Cup match against Germany on Thursday! Go U.S.A!  

11. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: World Cup Family

Futbol Fanatics

The whole family posed with their matching jerseys after the USA advanced to the round of 16 in the World Cup. "Bring it on Belgium," Fergie wrote. 

12. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Proud daddy Josh Duhamel celebrated his first Father's Day with Axl Jack! "Proud to be this kid's dad," he wrote in Instagram. "Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there." 

13. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Birthday Present

Birthday Present

Josh Duhamel posted this sweet picture of Axl Jack wishing his mama a “Happy Birthday!” Fergie turned 39-years-old on March 27th.

14. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Photobomb


Little Axl Jack already supports his daddy’s team, North Dakota State University. The cutest part of this picture? The Duhamel’s dog, Zoe, photobombing Axl! 

15. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready

I’m ready for my close-up! Axl Jack prepares for the Oscars in this adorable tuxedo. “I’d like to thank the academy for this excellent bib,” his daddy wrote on Instagram.

16. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Vroom Vroom!

Vroom Vroom! 

Fergie and Axl Jack sported their best biker gear while hanging out without dad. “what happens when daddy goes to set… #roaddogz4life” Fergie wrote on Instagram.

17. axl jack - onset

Bring Your Baby To Work Day

Fergie brought her little guy along for a fun day at the ‘office'. “Mama got to hang with her lil homie today on the set of her #avonoutspoken shoot,” she wrote.


18. axl yawn


According to daddy, not even avid football fan Axl could stay awake during Super Bowl XLVIII. Hopefully, the future rockstar woke up in time for Bruno Mars impressive halftime performance!

19. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Christmas

First Christmas

Fergie and Josh Duhamel celebrated Axl Jack's very first holiday season with a gorgeous Christmas card. Featuring this adorable picture of their smiley son, the card read: "Happy A Jolly Holiday! Love, Josh, Fergie, Zoe & Baby Axl Duhamel." 

20. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Josh Birthday

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Fergie posted this smiley picture of Axl Jack to celebrate the 41st birthday of his papá on Nov. 14.

21. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Car

Vroom vroom!

Can we see your license and registration, sir? 

22. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Vineyard with Josh


Josh Duhamel tweeted this picture of him holding sleepy Axl Jack after a hard day at the vineyard: "I'd prefer a bottle of milk," read the adorable caption. 

23. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Vineyard with Grandpa

Bundle of Joy 

Fergie tweeted this tender picture of Axl Jack with his abuelo, Pat: "Grampas favorite bundle of grapes in the vineyard," she wrote.

24. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Football with Josh

Like Father, Like Son:

It's no secret that daddy is a diehard North Dakota State Bison fan, and now he has a little man to share the game with! "Gonna catch some football with my little guy today," Duhamel wrote. 

25. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Sons of Anarchy

TV Aficionado:

Mamá Fergie has already introduced her son to her favorite TV shows! She posted this picture of him sporting a Sons of Anarchy beanie with the caption: “Aaaaah #BreakingBad is done! Still learning valuable life lessons on #SonsOfAnarchy. #mommystvshowsrock” 

26. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Bright Eyed

Hello World!

Ay que lindo! We love Axl Jack's expressive, big, bright eyes! 

27. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: Hearing Test

Future Rock Star

The little guy can be seen imitating his rocker mom, jammin’ out with headphones on during his hearing test. Too cute!

28. Axl Jack Duhamel Pictures: First Day

Sleepy Time

Fergie and Josh first released a picture of one-day-old Axl Jack enjoying a nap, swaddled in blankets. The caption read: “Axl Duhamel Day 1 Life is good :)”