Fergie Says She'll Wait to Have Kids

Newlywed Fergie has been super-busy with the Black Eyed Peas' first new album in four years (set to drop June 9th) and the debut of her eponymous shoe line, which obviously leaves her with little time to think about babies! The pop star told people.com, "Now, it's all about the Black Eyed Peas. We'll see. At the end of this run that we're doing right now, whatever feels natural and right. I always follow my gut. So, whatever it's going to tell me is going to be right."

Fergie has been completely focused, to say the least, and is happy to be returning to the stage with BEP and excited about her other upcoming projects, "I am completely living in the present. It's a different album, and I just did the film Nine. We're back on the hustle, back on the grind."

She has mentioned the possibility of adopting but insists there are no babies in her near future, adding, "When I'm in that place, I will tell you then!"

In the meantime, Fergie is enjoying all that life has to offer. "I literally wake myself up in the morning and I don't have to have an alarm anymore. I start getting new ideas: Somebody I need to call because of a mix that we are doing or we are performing, an idea that I have visually for what I'm going to wear or a crazy hairstyle that I want to do. It's just living and breathing this right now. I think we all are. It's day to day." Sounds like the Duchess is ready to rule the world!