Fergie On the Reason She Works Out: "I Love to Eat"

Fergie On The Reason She Works Out: "I Love to Eat"
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We’re happy to discover the reason why Fergie is still “working on her fitness.“

"I have to workout because I love to eat,” the hot mama revealed to E! News. The 39-year-old beauty has been praised for her quick bounce-back after delivering Axl Jack back in August of 2013.  

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"I just slowly but surely got back into it," she continued. "I wanted to make sure that Axl came first, and figuring that out came first. And you know I have it all figured out now, so that's done."

She credits her “old friend cardio” for bringing back that toned figure and reminding her what it’s really like to sweat it out. “Find your local gym and get into classes," she adds. "That makes it exciting [and] you're doing new moves. Keep it interesting... I have [to do] treadmill, elliptical, bike and dance.”

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Fergie sure does keep it interesting. She wasn't afraid to dish on her impressive eating abilities, either. “I had two Double-Doubles last weekend!" she revealed.

If that’s not fitspiration, we don’t know what is.