EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez: "Latin Award Shows are the Most Fun!"

Latina’s October cover girl Selena Gomez is presenting at this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards—but the Mexican singer/actress/entrepreneur recently revealed to Latina.com that award shows like the VMA's make her a bit nervous.

“I feel like people are looking at me and saying things," said Gomez. "I get so awkward—I feel like the girl in the cafeteria by myself."

But Gomez—whose father, Ricardo, is Mexican—explained that Latin awards shows like Premios Juventud don't make her feel nervous or insecure. "That was amazing!” Selena gushed about the Premios. "It was a great experience and an honor to present to Shakira!"

The Disney star says the best thing about Latin awards shows is the feeling of belonging.  "I feel so accepted when I go to those things," explains Gomez. "I went to the MTV Latin Awards last year and it was so much fun. I didn’t feel like people were looking at me or judging me or saying catty things about me. Everyone was so nice and the people in the audiences were like, 'Hey girl, what’s up?' I really love that feeling.”

Selena said that aside from being less stuffy and less judgmental, Latin awards shows are just flat out more fun. "[Latinos] know how to have a good time!” she said. "I know because my family’s that way. We can sit and have a barbecue and spend hours playing games and listening to music."

Selena adds that she prefers to perform at Latin awards shows because she can draw from the energy of the crowd. "Everywhere I go, it’s so rehearsed. I like to perform at Latin shows because they jump and they’re so loud and it feels like a concert—and that’s how it should be!” she says, sounding every bit like the young rock star that she is.

While most singers her age dream of performing at the Grammy's, Selena has other plans. "I swear—there’s going to come a point where all I’m going to do is Latin awards shows because they’re the only ones that are fun!" she adds.