EXCLUSIVE: Salma Hayek Pinault Gives Ana Ortiz Advice on Motherhood

Few moms in Hollywood (heck, in the world!) are as devoted to their children as Ana Ortiz, 39.
When Ana is not talking about her daughter, Paloma, she’s busy spending time with her—playing games and watching Paloma’s favorite shows. And when Ana was working on Ugly Betty full-time, she was notorious for bringing Paloma to the show’s New York City set. Talk about being a hands-on mom!

We caught up with Ana last week and the Puerto Rican actress told us she’s really enjoying being a full-time mom at the moment. She also shared the advice that her friend and former Executive Producer Salma Hayek-Pinault gave her. "Salma called me and told me to take my time being a mother," Ortiz revealed. "She said, 'Take your time now because you’re going to be really busy soon.'"

"I thought that was really nice of her." adds Ortiz. "She’s an amazing woman and people don’t realize how committed she was to Ugly Betty. She always stayed in touch with us and she was always a really wonderful cheerleader for me.”

Hayek-Pinault knows a thing or two about taking time off to be with your child. The actress recently told Latina.com that having Valentina made her more picky when it comes to picking roles. "Of course now the main focus of my life is my family and it does change things and the choices that you make," Salma admits. "You want to do movies that your children can watch, also that your children can have fun and enjoy the experience of shooting it."