EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Morales Dishes on her Halloween Costumes

Our favorite Today show host Natalie Morales surprises us every year with her over-the-top and spot-on ensembles. Here, she shares the stories behind her costumes from past years.

1. Natalie Morales Halloween: Madonna

Natalie was Madonna in a cone bra in 2006. "I love Madonna. I grew up with her as an idol. This was the year Meredith Viera joined the show, and she was Bette Midler. Ann Curry was Cher, and I was Madonna—the three divas! It was really fun doing a little dance routine, and you gotta love the cone boobs—I sure did!"

2. Natalie Morales Halloween: Eddie Munster

Natalie as Eddie Munster joined the rest of the hosts as characters of The Munsters in 2007. "Okay, by far my favorite costume of all time. It's scary how much I resembled Eddie, right? In fact, when we did the open of the show like the original (even switched to black and white), I came trotting down the stairs just like a boy! Everyone to this day says it was by far one of the best. It was also the first year we all did a theme Halloween as a group."

3. Natalie Morales Halloween: Princess Leia

In 2008, Natalie was joined by her two sons, Luke and Josh, when she dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars. "Introducing my own Luke, who was baby Yoda, and Josh was Luke Skywalker. I actually was on maternity leave and surprised everyone on the show by bringing the boys in. It was a very special Halloween, of course."

4. Natalie Morales Halloween: Queen Amadala

Natalie dressed as Queen Amadala from Star Wars in 2009 (seen here with co-host Al Roker as Han Solo). "It was the year of Star Wars, both on the show and for me at home. My oldest son, Josh, was so into the series. We watched all six movies about a dozen times each which was great preparation for being Queen Amadala. What I loved most about this? It was the authentic costume worn by the other Natalie—Natalie Portman. After two kids, the fact that I could fit into the original costume she wore with zero alterations was a very proud moment for me."

5. Natalie Morales Halloween: Justin Bieber

Last year, Natalie caught the Bieber-fever when she was a dead ringer for the pop star Justin Bieber.

6. Natalie Morales Halloween: Pippa Middleton

This year, Natalie was the perfect choice to be the most famous bridesmaid in the world, Pippa Middleton! The rest of the Today show crew dressed up as various members of the Royal family—Kathie Lee Gifford as Princess Beatrice, Hoda Kotbe as Princess Eugenie, Ann Curry as Kate Middleton, former host Meredith Vieira as Queen Elizabeth and Al Roker as Prince Harry. Matt Lauer (not pictured) took the honor of dressing up as Prince William, but it was Natalie who had the most to live up to, donning a look-alike faux Alexander McQueen gown to channel "Her Royal Hotness," as the Brit's fondly refer to Pippa.

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