EXCLUSIVE: Mario Lopez on Baby Gia: "Fatherhood Has Complemented My Life"

On Sunday, new dad Mario Lopez and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza hosted a baby shower for their adorable new arrival, Gia Francesca Lopez, who was born on Sept. 11th at 6 lbs, 4 oz. Mario spoke to Latina.com this morning about the baby shower, what it was like to hold his daughter for the first time, and why his whole world now revolves around little Gia.

Congratulations on becoming a new dad!
Thank you very much. I’m excited!

What was it like holding your daughter Gia in your arms for the first time?
Surreal. I found myself feeling like it wasn’t actually happening. It’s a totally different feeling than I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to believe she’s mine and I made her.

Has becoming a father changed your life in any way?
Oh yeah—it has just complemented my life. And taught me to try to slow down a little bit…definitely with driving [Laughs]. The lack of sleep is probably the biggest adjustment. My workouts aren’t as intense. I’m not sleeping as much. I’m hurrying to get home and I wake up early to play with her. Everything kind of revolves around her right now.

Did you have a good time at your baby shower this weekend?
I had a great time! I liked having the shower after the baby was born to celebrate with the baby there. Gia got a lot of presents. She’s spoiled already. Pampers with Dry Max sponsored the event and donated a bunch of diapers. We asked all of our guests to bring a bunch of diapers to donate to Eva’s [Longoria Parker] charity PADRES Contra El Cáncer.

What did Gia’s godmother Eva Longoria Parker get for her goddaughter?
Gosh, these beautiful outfits. When you have a little girl you have a lot of options for clothes. Eva loves Gia and she’s going to be a great mom herself whenever that day comes.

How many people attended the shower?
We ended up having 60 or 70. Courtney has a big Italian family and I have a big Mexican family and we just had some of our closest members who were able to make it. But you know—we’re going to have baptisms and birthday parties and quinceañeras and a lot of stuff for years to come! [Laughs]