EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vidal Thinks Mujeres Can Do It All


Lisa Vidal not only plays a sexy, sassy boss lady on TV but is also one in real life! Read what she has to say about women taking it all on and being true to yourself.

On Being Mary Jane, your character is the perfect combo of a bright, sexy badass boss, is that you in real life?

Absolutely. I was allowed to create this character how I wanted her to be and I wanted to play a woman that is juggling everything that I juggle and is how I try to be in life in a lot of ways. I’m very proud of my heritage and as Latina women, and women in general, we have to balance so much. We are intelligent, in charge, handling stuff and when we need to run the show, we do it. I love that strength and I like playing strong characters.

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What advice do you have for Latina women who take pride in their appearance and want to be who they are, but shy away from it because of perception in the workplace?

You have to be true to yourself, however, there is a time and place for everything.  We can’t be all like, “chicle” when we have to be in the boardroom, but we can be caliente at the right moment. As women, we are chameleons. We change in every situation, but the essence of who we are stays the same and grounded. That’s the important thing, that we conduct ourselves properly in any situation while still being a shining star, having fun and true to yourself.

How do you stay looking so fly?

I have three kids, a big house, and three dogs.  I exercise, eat right, and don’t deny myself food. I like to eat, especially rice, beans, and pernil and all that good stuff, so I balance that out to not feel like I’m cheating myself. For me, cardio and weights are the trick!