EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Grace Talks Second Album & What Makes Her Proud to Be Latina

EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Grace
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Leslie Grace is certainly poised for greatness. The 19-year-old Bronx-born "Princess of Bachata" continues to prove that a chica can do just as well (if not, better) in a male-dominated genre like bachata.

Grace has been an unstoppable force of musical nature this past year: she collaborated with Fat Joe, became the first bachata artist to have her song added to Radio Disney, was nominated for "New Artist of the Year" and "Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Female" at the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and not to mention, she's been busy co-writing songs for her sophomore album.

Grace stopped by our offices to talk about her single "Nadie Como Tu," her incredible success, working with Fat Joe, if she'll ever collaborate with Prince Royce or Romeo Santos, and more.

Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

Saw that you did a song with Fat Joe, how was that?

Yes! That was super cool. I did the song “Nadie Como Tu.” It’s the first single off my second album that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and the song just came out of nowhere. It was a song that Sergio, my producer, and Yanko Gomez, who’s another amazing writer started writing; and then it turned into something that they didn’t think it would be. They called me in, they were like we want you to be a part of this and have this be your next single. So I put my own twist on it and then we recorded it, and it was great. So then when Fat Joe heard it he was like, oh…I wanna be on that. So he laid down his verse and he was a part of the show, and everything was so cool. You know, he’s such a cool guy.

That’s awesome. Did you snag any tricks or learn anything about this world from him?

Oh word, yeah because he’s, you know, he’s lived a little. But he was so extra cool. He just told me, you know, stay humble, keep doing what you love to do, and he gave me some branding tips and stuff — social media and stuff like that because you know he be hashtaggin’ and all that.

Amazing! So you were recently at a People en Espanol event with Becky G, how was it getting to hang out together?

That was awesome. I see Becky all the time and she’s such a good girl. She’s just a cool, young girl and I think being with her, [and] being with Zendaya — who I’m like a huge fan of and everyone tells us we look alike. I finally got to meet her in person after chatting on Twitter. And they’re just such cool girls, you know? I admire them both and I feel so great to be part of a generation where we can be and stay relevant with the culture, but at the same time be role models or do our best with what we’ve been given and be a light. So our little segment for People en Espanol was really cool because we got to chat on stage and do a Q&A. It was really coo! We were up there with DJ Ernie from Radio Disney and we just chatted it up, and he got all the juicy stuff out of us.

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