Exclusive: George Lopez is Back with a Vengeance

As part of our special November issue, dedicated to celebrating the culture, people and beauty of Mexico, we had to speak to Chicano comedian George Lopez. Latina contributor Erik Parker sat down with Lopez to talk about his chummy relationship with President Obama, his Latino pride and his new talk show, Lopez Tonight. Here are some of Lopez's funniest and most insightful quotes:

On incorporating Spanish into his comedy routines:

“I’m not afraid to speak Spanish and have somebody say, ‘I gotta get an English-Spanish dictionary to understand.’ That’s your fu***g problem,” he says. “We’re the largest growing demographic in the States. You don’t get part of me, that’s cool. Why can’t you go to a show and not get it?”

On entering the late night battle for ratings:

“Letterman is the king of late night,” he says. “But I believe there’s enough of a diverse audience and there’s a bigger pie that I’m not fighting over the same slice that those guys are fighting over. I’m creating my own pie.” 

On his beef with comedian Carlos Mencia, whom Lopez accused of refrying jokes he wrote:

“I don’t really talk about it no more. But there’s no reason to reconcile.”

During his HBO set, Lopez poked fun at President Obama and called him Latino for “living in a house that wasn’t his,” having his “mother-in-law raise his kids and spending money that he didn’t have.”

“President Obama called me and he said, ‘Hey, Lopez, I hear you been clownin’ me.’ ” He breaks to dispense presidential cool points. “That was his first line. This is from the president of the United States!”