Exclusive: Gael Garcia Bernal Talks Fatherhood

Latina reporter Vanessa Juarez caught up with new papi Gael Garcia Bernal at the Sundance Film Festival, where the actor was busy promoting his film Rudo Y Cursi. Although he was very excited about the movie, Bernal’s eyes didn’t light up until we mentioned his newborn son, Lazaro. Fatherhood is clearly this star’s role of a lifetime.

How has fatherhood changed your outlook on your career?

Gael Garcia Bernal: I think everyone who becomes a father or becomes a mother goes through this change of priorities.

Has anything shocked you about the experience so far?

GGB: It’s a difficult thing to explain because it’s such a complex thing, and yet it’s so simple. So the best way I can explain it is, finally there’s someone more important than me that I have to consider. It’s incredible.

Has [actor and friend] Diego Luna offered you any fatherly advice?

Oh yeah, lots. It was mostly about changing nappies and things like that.

You seem so peaceful.

GGB: Yeah, when you reach 30 everything calms down. You realize now you’re young again.