Exclusive: 'Devious Maids' Star Paula Garces Shares Her Top 5 Baby Shower Tips!

Paula Garces baby shower
Humberto Guzman

Tip 2: Know what you want

Hiring a party planner is awesome, if you can swing it. Just make sure to be open and communicative about your preferences, culture and what you expect from the shower. Paula is Colombian and her husband is Puerto Rican, so they decided to meet in the middle and hire a live Cuban band.  She communicated all this to her party planner right from the beginning.

Tip 3: It's a special day– indulge a little!

Get a massage or your makeup done. You'll feel incredible and look great as you celebrate one of the joyous occasions with your guests! 

Tip 4: Use technology to your advantage

If you send out paper invitations, feel free to text or email reminders closer to the date. And a helping hand won't hurt! Enlist a baby shower "assistant" (aka a loving amiga) to help follow-up with guests (especially if you're planning on inviting a big group). 

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