Exclusive: Celinés Toribio Addresses Rumors That Michelle Rodriguez Trashed Her Wedding

You’ve read the reports of Michelle Rodriguez mischievously pushing guests into a pool, changing from a bride-approved lavender gown into a tank top and skinny jeans, and harassing an overly enthusiastic male stripper throughout the course of Dominican actress Celinés Toribio’s recent, four-day wedding festivities. We always knew Michelle was a wild card, but to ruin her friend’s boda? We needed to get to the bottom of this, so we decided to call the bride herself and have her tell us what really went down during her wedding to Rodriguez’s BFF/manager Giancarlo Chersich. We’re guessing the gorgeous actress, radio host, TV personality, and face of the Dominican Republic tourism board wouldn’t let anything ruin her special day, held at a private, $10-million villa at the Casa de Campo resort in the southeast coast of the D.R. Toribio even hired two of the best wedding planners in the country—Mari Pili López Rodríguez y Sócrates McKenny—to ensure the day went according to plan.

So did Michelle, one of the eight damas in the bridal party, behave in a not-so-appropriate way? Nonsense, says Toribio: “She did not ruin our wedding. Quite the opposite; she was the ambassador of fun. She went around the tables and grabbed everyone—children, older guests—and pulled them toward the dance floor.” And we’re certain there was plenty of dancing, what with Frankie Needles as DJ and Hector Acosta and Wason Brasoban as guest performers.

Toribio adds that she wasn’t at all peeved by her maid of honor changing into more comfortable attire. “We will always prefer the real Michelle Rodriguez, the one who speaks the truth to the press and paparazzi, the outgoing one who wears jeans at a wedding. That’s who she is. We know that and she is like a sister to us. The fact that she even said yes to being one of my bridesmaids and to wearing a long dress for two and a half hours, which I know must’ve been hard for her, says a lot. She’s just such a free soul and formalities are not her thing.”

Still, the novia insists Rodriguez has a soft side, despite what the media may think. “She was crying the whole time at the church,” Celinés reveals. “Everyone got to see the sensitive side of Michelle. She doesn’t show it to everyone, but she has it. It’s good that the media sees that crazy, tough side, because that’s what’s been getting her movies, but wait til you see her in Tropico de Sangre. It’s a Michelle like you’ve never seen.”

If that means a Michelle who had to take etiquette classes, wear 1950s-style hats, tiny gloves, and ladylike dresses, as Celinés dishes, we’re so in.

As for the happy couple, you’d think they’d be off on their honeymoon by now, but their romantic getaway will have to wait. “We’re both workaholics, but in September we’re going to Paris,” says Toribio, who, along with her production endeavors at Univision Radio, has been busy focusing on acting. This year, she stars in three projects, the short which opens the latest Fast & Furious movie and was shot in the D.R.; La Soga, which she describes as a crime drama reminiscent of Traffic and stars Manny Perez; and the political indie Tropico de Sangre, in which she plays the only surviving Mirabal sister, Dede, to Michelle’s Minerva.

“I’ve been to France, but never Paris,” Toribio tells us of her upcoming luna de miel. “And Giancarlo is also going to take me on an African safari. I’m telling you, he’s a good man.” Sounds like all that hard work is paying off!