EXCLUSIVE: 6 Tips We Can Learn About Business From Boss Lady Jessica Alba


Actress and Honest Company founder, Jessica Alba, is undoubtedly a business-savvy entrepreneur who's built an empire all while juggling being a mom, wife, and successful actor. For most of us, all of those accomplishments sound like an impossibility, but not for Alba. After chatting with the gorgeous working mami, it's obvious how the Mexican-American beauty has thrived in an industry unfamiliar to her. But, with successes come challenges and this laser-focused businesswoman has learned from it. Check out below, what the mother-of-three has to say about her ups and downs, experience, and everything that comes with being a business owner.

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1. Fill A Void

“Developing something from a real need, desire and a white space in the marketplace is really where a great entrepreneur comes from. Identifying a white space and a real need that isn’t being met and then creating a solution.”

2. Master How to Present Your idea

“ I spent 3 years learning how to present my idea and honing in on the best way to present it and identifying the right person or people that could help bring the business to life. I had to figure out how to make the story digestible to a certain person who could help me raise money. Sometimes, it’s not like your idea is bad, it’s just about telling the story in a way that they can understand it.”

3. Find The Right Partners

“Initially, I think you need someone whose vision is aligned with yours and is as enthusiastic as you are to do whatever it takes to get things off the ground and also someone who is resilient, smarter than you and that you can learn from. “

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4. Business Relationships Are Complicated

“A business relationship is just as complex, if not more, thaa personal relationship because what brings you together is a real tangible goal - the success of the business - but you still need to have an emotional connection. I didn’t realize how complicated and nuanced it is. Things change, if you reach success, success means different things to different people and you have to deal with what that means and does for someone and be sensitive to it because not everyone is the same. Some people start off one way and over time they develop and evolve into another type of person. All while continuing to keep people aligned around that common goal is really difficult. Everything is great when everything is great, but it’s when there is an extreme success or real challenges when you really see people’s true colors and that usually doesn’t happen until after you launch a company with someone.”

5. Don’t Get Caught Up in The Highs and Lows of a Business

“I’ve never been caught up in success and entertainment. I like to learn from my wins and misses and try to understand why was this more successful versus the last thing or why is this a failure versus the last thing, so I pretty even across the board regardless of my business career and entertainment. It’s just kind of the way that I approach life, I don’t really change too much regardless of what’s happening around me.”

6. Be Present

“I feel like every day is different and I’m pulled in many different directions, so I can feel overwhelmed and if I stop and think about it for too long I start to get panicked, so I don’t do that too much. I’m trying to tackle each moment, as best as I can - trying to be present and compartmentalize my time. When I’m with my kids, I’m with my kids, when I’m with my friends, I’m with my friends, when I’m at work, I’m at work. I don’t like to be the person who's on the phone when having dinner with my husband or when I’m hanging out with friends. It’s about trying to be as much in the moment as possible because with modern technology you can literally be working 24/7 and it exhausts your brain because you don’t have any downtime to really digest, think about, and nurture other parts of your life."