EXCLUSIVE: America Ferrera’s 'Ugly Betty' Big Sis Reacts to Her Engagement!

Yesterday, America Ferrera’s reps confirmed to Latina.com that the Honduran actress is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams. Now, America’s Ugly Betty co-star Ana Ortiz is sharing her reaction to the news exclusively with Latina.com.

‘I’m just so thrilled for her!’ Ortiz, 39, said over the phone last night. The actress, who played America’s big sis, Hilda Suarez, on Ugly Betty, said America is head over heels in love. ‘I know she’s so thrilled, happy, excited and ready. Ryan is one of the most amazing men I’ve ever known and they have a really wonderful partnership.’

Ortiz wasn’t surprised when the news broke yesterday, because she found out about the engagement days ago. ‘I knew when it happened about 10 days ago,’ she said. ‘America called me the day we came back from seeing Mark Indelicato in a play. I didn’t pick up the phone because I was in a meeting, so she sent me a text that said, ‘CALL ME GIRL, DANG!’ I called her back and I was like, “What is sooo important?’ We had just spent two days together and I was like ‘I just saw you for two days! What else can you possibly have to say?’ [Laughs]. Then she told me the news and I was screaming on the street in Manhattan like a lunatic! People must’ve thought I was losing my mind.’

Ortiz then did what any woman would do. "I said ‘you have to send me a picture of the ring,' and she did! It is stunningly beautiful, it’s so elegant and it’s so her!" said Ortiz. "Ryan picked it out on his own. He didn’t ask anybody for an opinion," she added.

Asked what she thinks the wedding will be like, Ortiz said, "Knowing them, they’re going to keep it small. I was like, 'I better be invited!' [Laughs].