Even Eva Mendes Can’t Get a Ticket to Obama’s Inauguration!

Looks like smoking looks, box office bankability and a sexy underwear campaign mean nothing when it comes to getting tickets to the hottest party in town, President Elect Barack Obama's Inauguration!

At the Macy's 150th Birthday gala in New York, Eva Mendes told Access Hollywood that even she was going to have to miss the festivities saying, I thought I had some pull—I usually do, and I've been shut down," Eva sighed. "It's the hardest party to get into."

Her co-star in the upcoming film The Spirit, Gabriel Macht piped in as well, "I've had my people speak to Barack's people and..." Gabriel started. Eva finished his sentence for him, laughing and adding, "And he's not going either!"

Mendes can always pull a Scarlett Johansson and scream from the mountain tops that all she wants for Christmas is tickets to the inaugural ball! Oh wait, she kind of just did that. Either way, Eva has vowed to keep trying.

"We are still working on it, but I understand the whole thing," Eva said. "They don't want to make it a celebrity studded event because this in an extremely crucial time in our history and in our world right now. I completely understand that. But of course, I would love to go and be there."