EXCLUSIVE OUTTAKES: Eva Mendes' September 2016 Cover Shoot!

Want to see more from our September 2016 cover star? Check out these exclusive quotes from Eva Mendes' shoot: 

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1. Eva Mendes Latina September 2016

On her collaboration with New York & Company: "Part of the collaboration between NY & Co. and myself was making sure that we included that we included a range of sizes. And New York & Co. already does that, and I just loved it. I was like, ‘We have to make sure that we give women choices. And I don’t mean up to size 12.’"

2. Eva Mendes Latina September Outtakes 2

On loving Bolero music: "I just love the sound and I love the poetry of the language. And sure, of course, the romance."

3. Eva Mendes Latina September Outtakes 3

On her love for archaeology: "I love the find. I love the excavation. I love that process. I could see myself being one of those archaeologists in a cave dusting away bones for two years."

4. Eva Mendes Latina September 2016

On her love of thrifting and collecting paintings: "I collect all these paintings of women, specifically. And again, the cheaper, the better. But as far as clothes, I’m attracted to them by color at first. That’s why I don’t like what they do now [at thrift shops], where they organize clothes by all the same colors and all the same things? That kind of throws me off, and it looks great. But as far as I want to look through."

5. Eva Mendes Latina September 2016

On getting back to acting: "It’s promising to come back at this point but it’s not really yet, and that’s okay.  That’s absolutely okay. I’m in no hurry to, you know?"

6. Eva Mendes Latina September 2016

On what feminism means to her: "I think, for me, true feminism lies in supporting one another, whatever we may want to do. Like I was talking about before, I have a really strong support system made up of these amazing women and we just love each other and support each other. And I try to do that as much as possible out there. I recently started an Instagram account, and I’m not really a person who enjoys being on social media. But what really inspires me, or what makes me excited to post something, is when it’s about another woman. A lot of the photos you’ll find that I post are women wearing our collection, dresses from our collection, or it may be an actress."

7. Eva Mendes Latina September 2016

On people thinking she’s Persian: "I love it. I actually grew up, well the second half of my life, in Silver Lake. And when my mom moved us when I was like 12, so until I left the house at 22 I was in Glendale, and I grew up in an Armenian community. So I really identified with the Armenian community."