Eva Mendes Crushes on Kate Winslet

Eva Mendes
may be a celebrated seductress of the silver screen, but there's one star she envies—Kate Winslet. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Mendes insists Ms. Winslet is perfection.

"I would steal Kate Winslet's roles. All of her roles. Don't talk to me about it because she can do nothing wrong in my eyes," Mendes said. "Not only is she the most amazing actress in the entire world, she's nude in a lot of her films which shows she's just fearless."

The lovefest didn't stop there. "Her choices are impeccable," Mendes continued. "She literally can do anything. If she can just give me two of her roles, I'd be happy."

After reading all of these lovely—albeit slightly uncomfortable—compliments being thrown her way, we're certain Kate Winslet is gathering up all the acting roles she has thrown around her house and wrapping them up with a bow for Eva.

-Richard Lopez