EXCLUSIVE: 'Total Divas' Star Eva Marie On Growing Up With a Strong Mexican Mami

EXCLUSIVE: 'Total Divas' Eva Marie is Making Her Way Back to the WWE Ring

WWE Diva, Eva Marie, is ready for a new season of Total Divas as she prepares to make amends for everything that went down last year.

We spoke to the fiery redhead all about what this season has in store for her, her Mexican heritage, favorite beauty products and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

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Can you take us through a day in the life of Eva Marie?

Each day is actually really different just because being apart of WWE we’re constantly on the road. Depending on the day, I might be catching a flight, going to show, but no matter what when I wake up I got to get a workout in. Even if it’s really quick, I always want to break a sweat everyday just because it helps me not only in the ring but also my mental state. It kind of centers me and gets me going for the day. I think that’s also to a part of being a WWE Diva is you got to be able to be really flexible with your schedule and how things go, because certain things pop up and then it’s time to kind of switch things around and make sure you’re always available to do that.

What’s that like for you, dealing with such a hectic schedule?

For me it really is beneficial just because I kind of like every day is different. That’s also why I love being apart of WWE too because every single day is completely different than the other one. It’s nice because you don’t get caught in doing the same routine over and over again.

What made you want to go from modeling to wrestling?

Growing up, I’m the youngest of three boys, so I was a major tom-boy. I played every single sport including played soccer through college. I was an all-American athlete. So after I graduated college and got my degree, I moved to LA and kind of started dabbling a little bit in the modeling and acting and then WWE came to Los Angeles with a Diva search. I remember when it came I was like ‘oh my gosh if I could land this job, it would literally have everything infused in one’, because I was missing that athletic, competitiveness in my life at the time. My dream was always to be a professional athlete. So when the opportunity came to try out to be a WWE Diva I remember calling my mom and just being like ‘oh my gosh if I could land this it would be amazing’. Just because not only do you get to be competitive and do all the physicality inside the ring, you also do so much outside of the ring within the community. For example, I’m going to Afghanistan this year to go visit our troops and I work with the Special Olympics. Plus, I remember being a little kid and watching when WWE was actually WWF at the time with all my brothers. When it came, I was like ‘oh my gosh this is it’, and as soon as I started my tryout for the in ring physicality I fell in love with it.

Is there any update since you discovered that you had a heart shaped uterus that could prevent you from having children in the future?

For a little bit, you can see it on Total Divas but it was kind of touch and go because it was weird, originally Jonathan, my husband and I had the discussion of whether or not we wanted to have kids. At the time, I really didn’t want to have children, and then when it was brought to my attention that I possible couldn't even conceive a child, that kind of turned certain things into perspective. I do have a heart shaped uterus, and my doctor told me when the time comes, if I want to conceive they will have to do a surgery and basically shape it so a child can actually grow inside. When the time comes I would just have to go and do the procedure to get that area kind of shaved off and made into a more comfortable place for the little egg to grow. In a way, it’s really good news because for other women out there that have a heart shaped uterus it’s not the end of the world, which is awesome because there is an option to go in there, get the surgery done, and then carry a baby all the way to full term.

Do you think that that time is near, or far, or somewhere in between?

I feel like timing is everything, I mean if it were to happen then it would happen. For me right now, my main focus is WWE and my career and I feel like it’s just starting. So I would have to say I could see that in the future, not necessarily the near future, there’s a lot of other things that I would like to accomplish before bringing a little guy or girl into the world.

What made you decide to sign up for Total Divas?

My case is pretty different. How I came into everything with WWE is kind of rare. Just like from the very beginning to even now. Originally I had auditioned because WWE came to LA doing a Diva search, so I tried out, did the whole thing, completed that, and I was offered my developmental contract. It’s called NXT and you basically put blood, sweat and tears and create your character in the hopes of making it to the main roster, which is TV Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, Wrestle Mania, those kind of things. That’s really where I was supposed to start, and then, since I was in LA, I got a call from WWE asking me to go on this interview. I said ‘yeah sure, no problem.’ I went on the interview, and low and behold it was for Total Divas. I basically, I went in on a Friday, I got the call on Saturday saying that I got the job and that they would like me to go ahead and be on the show. Then, I was on a flight that Monday to Wrestle Mania New York and never turned back, never looked back and everything just kind of is history.

What’s it like for you to be a Latina on such a hit show?

In my family my mom is Mexican and my dad’s Italian, so I really wish that both my grandparents on my mom’s side were still alive to kind of see me doing this. Especially because my grandma, even when I was a little girl, she was always like ‘oh my gosh you’re meant to be on a novela’. I feel the Latinas and Latinos are kind of taking over. It doesn’t really matter what ethnicity you are, but I love that I’m bringing light to not only my Mexican side but also my Italian side. I think it’s truly important to always stay grounded and remember where you come from too.

How would you say that being Latina has helped you get to where you are in your life right now?

I would have to say because my mom has showed me so much strength and determination. Just that power to believe in yourself, and I think also too, I’ve always had the support of my family and I think it’s because no matter what, how I was raised is were such a tight nit family and loyal to one another, and I think that has really helped me. I totally have to say it’s because my mom and dad raising me Mexican-Italian. That’s what I hope to show to the world is that background of myself, and just the little things; I’m very proud of my heritage. At my wedding, I had a mariachi band, and I feel like those little things, the world doesn’t even know what that might be. For me to kind of bring that awareness is truly important. It just, it makes me proud.

Growing up, would you say that you grew up more with Mexican heritage or Italian heritage, or a mix of both?

A mix of both but it predominately was Mexican, just because my mom is one of 13. That side of the family is just so big so they’re constantly in my life. I even had a quinceanera. And, my mom is the matriarch of my family. You have this little 4’11 typical, Mexican lady running the household and that’s just how it ran. Plus, my mom is the oldest of the girls, so even growing up a couple of my uncles, came and lived with my parents. It’s just kind of one of those things, where family is extremely important and it just always has been. That’s also what I like to show, because I feel like sometimes that doesn’t get portrayed that much especially on television. So, I feel really kind of blessed and honored that I get to show that side of me as well through Total Divas and being apart of WWE.

What can you tell us about Season 5 of Total Divas?

Season 5 is kind of crazy because in Season 4 I ended up having my surgery and then since I came into WWE so quickly, I really got thrown out there without the training. I guess you could say that I was the odd ball out in Season 4. The girls weren’t too happy with me I guess. In Season 5, you’re going to see a little bit of my comeback in the sense of smoothing things over because sometimes we lack the communication and that’s kind of what happened since I wasn’t on the road with them every single day. There was just a miscommunication barrier, so in Season 5 you’re going to kind of see me come back and mend those relationships and see me grow as an actual performer, which is really cool. You’ll see they added a new girl to the Season too. She’s from Tough Enough, so she’ll be coming in and kind of stirring things up a little bit. You’ll see the progression of people’s personal lives as well, which is really cool because we are on the road quite often and to kind of see our personal lives and how we deal with that balance is what I think is what makes Total Divas pretty unique.

What’s it like for you being on a reality show?

It’s cool just because I feel like right now in the athletic world, woman are kind of taking over and being a WWE Diva is all about women empowerment and being secure with yourself. All of us are extremely different. We all have certain things that we can relate together on, but each person individually is quite different. To show that to the world is really cool, especially because we’re all female athletes at the end of the day. I mean yes we entertain, and perform and travel but you know you really have to be able to handle the physicality and the athletics to get in that ring and put on a good match. I think to show that is really cool, because it’s never been done before. Even with WWE, it gives a sight of the back behind the scenes of what it’s like behind Monday Night Raw, or WrestleMania or something. It’s really cool just because it gives that kind of side of it, but then you also get the trials and tribulations. I feel I’m a pretty open book, I had to get surgery, and then you see me kind of struggling with finding out about my dad, and stuff like that. So, it’s kind of one of those things where you see different elements in people’s lives at the end of the day.

Do you feel like your personality and your life are portrayed accurately on the show?

How I am so close to my family I feel is definitely portrayed on the show, especially how I’m a daddy’s little girl. I wish that it showed how grueling the training schedule is and how much I’ve been putting into wrestling, and kind of that element. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate I would say.

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