Eva Longoria Parker is at the Head of the Class

Eva Longoria Parker went back to school at the beginning of the summer, enrolling at Cal State Northridge in a bid to earn a Masters Degree in Chicano Studies and Political Science. Longoria Parker is already a succesful actress and business woman, so
what made her want to hit the books? Apparently it had to do
with all the work she has been doing with the National Council of La
Raza. "Because of my
involvement with the NCLR and my charity work, I really wanted a better, more authentic
understanding of what my community has gone through so I can help
create change."

Her first big exams are coming up at the end of the month, but the actress is confident she will do well. "I have an A right now. I'm a nerd," Parker tells TV Guide, "I wish I was this student when I was young. I don't remember college."

And the school work doesn't seem to be overwhelming the tiny star in the slightest bit, "Now I've got classes, books and homework to do in addition to learning my lines." We can't help but be proud of the Chicana for making an extra effort to learn about her roots and history!