Eva Longoria on her Marriage & Holiday Plans with Tony

Eva Longoria spoke to us at length about her relationship with her husband, San Antonio Spurs basketball player, Tony Parker when she sat down for our November cover story. Though many outlets have reported news of an impending divorce, the Mexican actress seemed super excited about the couple's upcoming holiday plans.

On having a house full of friends and family:

“With Tony traveling, it’s great to have friends around. I love a house filled with people and the energy that comes.  I relish when people come into town and visit and share new experiences.”

On their busy schedules and making time for each other:

“The hustle and bustle of the holidays is my break. I actually enjoy running around doing all of the shopping, preparing the food and all of that stuff.  People get so stressed around the holidays, and I’m the exact opposite.  My husband does a really good job of figuring out flights for everyone.”

On blending their cultural traditions:

“Since I married Tony, we've incorporated his traditions, him growing up in Paris and having French traditions. We drink a lot of champagne because it's the French thing to do. He’s adapted to the Mexican culture rather easily because it’s all around him. Every year we have a tamalería which involves all of the cousins, aunts, my mom and my sisters doing an assembly line to make tamales.”