Enrique Iglesias Shares Footage of Hurricane Irma in Miami

It’s one thing to keep up with the latest updates on natural disasters from afar, but it’s an entirely different story when the storm hits home for you. On Monday, Enrique Iglesias took to Instagram to share his documented accounts of Hurricane Irma.

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Pictured above is Iglesias driving through Miami as he rolls the window down to get a better look at the scene. Judging from the images, it’s clear that the streets were flooded, and trees were affected by the strong gusts of wind.

The Miami-native has been active with making an effort to keep as many people safe. “Everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Irma please stay safe this weekend!!!! Thanks to everyone sending prayers for those at risk. Let’s also keep in our thoughts & prayers those in the Caribbean already affected, as well as everyone in Texas rebuilding from Harvey! Save The Children has set up relief funds for survivors of both. Please consider donating. Donation link in profile,” the singer wrote. 


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As the catastrophic storm approached Florida, he shared this video of the calm before the storm, writing, “Irma is getting closer... everyone in Florida stay safe #miami.” As Irma continued its destructive path through Florida, it ripped through 25% of houses in Florida keys and left as many as 15 million people without power.