EXCLUSIVE: Enrique Iglesias Touring With Pitbull & Whether He'll Ever Marry Anna Kournikova

EXCLUSIVE: Enrique Iglesias Talks Marriage, Anna Kournikova & Touring With Pitbull
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Have you been bailando to Enrique Iglesias quite a bit these days?

That's probably because the 39-year-old singer's "Bailando" single has become a huge hit on the Latin charts. Or perhaps it's because you were recently lucky enough to attend one of his North American fall tour concerts. Whatever the case, Iglesias is reminding us all why we're such loyal fans.

The sexy Spaniard recently shared a few minutes of his time with us to dish on what it's like touring with Pitbull, his craziest fan experience, and his relationship with Anna Kournikova.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

You're back on tour with Pitbull — what's the craziest thing you two have ever done while touring?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! [Laughs]

Can you tell us about one of your most shocking/craziest fan experiences while on tour?

I’ve seen it all. They hang from ceilings and even sleep on the lawn in front of the hotel. There’s nothing crazy about it [though] because they always make my day!

You have been dating Anna Kournikova for over 10 years now and a lot of people are wondering, what is your stance on marriage and will the two of you ever walk down the aisle?

This is a new era! A paper doesn’t guarantee your happiness. Besides we are just fine with sex and love!

Your fragrance Adrenaline recently hit stores. In what ways would you say it represents who you are?

Adrenaline is exactly what I bring on stage every night!

What is one thing nobody knows about you and would be surprised to hear?

What you see is what you get! I’m a simple guy.