Eminem Still “Obsessed” with Mariah

As silly as it may seem, Eminem is continuing his battle with R&B diva Mariah
and her husband, Nick Cannon. It all started with Em’s song "Bagpipes From Baghdad," off of his album
Relapse. Em raps in the song, "Mariah whatever happened to us? Why did we ever
have to break up?" He then focuses on Nick Cannon, rhyming, "Nick Cannon, you better back the f--k up.
I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk." He goes on to add, "Nick
Cannon, you p---k, I wish you luck with that f-----n' whore." Nice, right?

Carey responded to the rapper with
her single “Obsessed,” which she maintains is not about Eminem at all. But
everyone got the song’s message with lines like “Lyin’ that you’re sexing me
when everybody knows / It’s clear that you’re upset with me / Finally found a
girl that you couldn’t impress.” On top of that, the song’s video features
Carey dressed in drag as an Eminem lookalike.

Even though Mariah insists it’s all one big coincidence, MTV reveals Eminem lashed out at the singer again with
his new dis track, “The Warning.” Em tells Carey on the song, "Only reason
I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me. Now I'm pissed
off." He continues his rampage with, You wanna hear something wick wack?
I got the same exact tattoo that's on Nick's back.” Note to Eminem: That only
supports Carey’s claim that you’re obsessed with her. Em continues with, “Oh
gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee? Wow Mariah,
didn't expect ya to go b---s out. B---h, shut the f--k up before I put all
those phone calls out when you was wilding out before Nick, when you was on
my d--k." The song only gets uglier from there.


We’re a bit surprised that Eminem
has decided to keep this ridiculous R&B beef going, especially since he
attempted to apologize to Carey a few months ago for his lyrics in “Bagpipes
from Baghdad.” He told BBC Radio back in May, “With the song, I kind of spazzed
out on that record, but I guess I spazzed out on every record. ... There's a line
on there that was a little harsh. ... But at the end of the day, it's a line I said.
It's a song. What I actually meant to say is, I wish them the best. That's what
I meant to say. That's the whole message of the record."

Go to MTV to hear “Warning” if you
can stomach it.