Eminem Gives Trump A Taste Of His Own Medicine

instagram/ @eminem

While Twitter buzzes about Donald Trump's attacks on the #TakeAKnee Movement, immigration issues, and really anything that opposes his opinion, Eminem has been brewing up a storm. The famous rapper took to BET on Tuesday to perform a freestyle about the 45th president and let's just say, it's vulgarity is nothing the White House hasn't heard before. 

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The Detriot native is not shy when it comes to expressing his opinion and this time, he's using his platform to show support for minorities and NFL players alike, including Colin Kaepernick. Taking to national television, the talented rapper did not hold back when he performed a freestyle that critiqued the President. Though many may deem this performance as inappropriate for television, his vulgar lyrics fall parallel to the way 45 speaks on a seemingly daily basis. 

Slim has definitely thrown shade. He blatantly calls out the former businessman on his extravagant outings in the midst of crisis. Amongst the many issues he addresses in his freestyle, the star calls Trump "Donald the B*tch" and challenges him to respond - he, of course, doesn't forget to give props to Obama as well. Watch Eminem give Trump a taste of his own medicine below.