EXCLUSIVE: Emily Estefan on New Music and Her Legendary Parents

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Estefan on New Music, Her Legendary Parents & Miami
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Emily Estefan is one of a kind.

The singer/songwriter may have the genes of pop culture royalty (mami and papi are Gloria and Emilio), but her sound and persona are all her own. She’ll admit she’s a bit weird but if music history has taught us anything, it’s that weird translates into amazing songs. “I play music because I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else,” she told us. “It’s in my blood. It’s what I think about when I wake up and go to bed.”

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On carrying the Estefan name:

“For me it’s always been a privilege and an honor to be around incredible things growing up. But it’s also difficult because you’re born into whatever life you are and make it work. Obviously, I would not trade it for the world. There are definitely hard moments but it’s so amazing to have your parents be so respected. We’re very close and it’s always an honor.”

On her sound:

“My music is a journey through a lot of different genres and ideals, I mean I studied philosophy in college. It’s opinions or feelings that need to come out and whatever package it comes out when it’s over I go, ‘Welp, that’s fucking weird.’”

On her new song, “Reigns (Every Night)”:

“It’s a funky R&B kind of thing going on. It’s a little bit of a perspective switch so it has a little twist on it. Like the first half of the song you think it’s something but then it turns on its ass.”

On her love of basketball:

“I played competitively until my junior year in high school then I had to make a decision…I mean I’m so tall (laughs). I played point guard. I loved it and I’m really passionate about it. I think playing basketball made me determined.”

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