EXCLUSIVE: Emeraude Toubia on Her Dream of Having a Big Family and Wanting to Play a Disney Princess

EXCLUSIVE: Emeraude Toubia on Her Dream of Having a Big Family and Wanting to Play a Disney Princess
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A version of this story originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Latina magazine.

Bold. Beautiful. Badass. Emeraude Toubia is a Sci-Fi writer's dream come true. With dark hair thick enough to stop bullets and cheekbones so sharp they could cut glass, the Canadian-born, Texas-raised Mexican and Lebanese actress is visually unreal. On Freeform’s fantasy series Shadowhunters, now in its sophomore season, she gets to act out her superhero persona as the strong, whip-wielding Isabelle Lightwood. But her role is about way more than physical prowess.

We caught up with Toubia during her last day of shooting part one of season two, where she spoke to us all about what we can expect from her character Izzy, growing up as an only child, being a face of hope for Latinas everywhere and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

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Where do we find Izzy in the first part of this season?

Isabelle is going to go down a dark path. She may become addicted to something, which will lead her there. It’s going to be very relatable for a lot of people, and it’s going to be a really nice way to see how you can overcome being broken.

That's going to be interesting to see because Isabelle comes off so strong and almost unbreakable. We've never really seen her in a real vulnerable or weaker state.

Exactly. She’s always very strong and the one that puts everything together, but this time around it’s not going to be that way. She’s going to be very unbalanced and she’s going to need help. It’s going to be a new character from the book that everyone’s waiting for, maybe Sebastian, so something might happen there.

You mentioned how fans will find this storyline relatable. In what ways, if any, were you able to relate?

Recently, something happened to me where I kind of lost control or focus. I got extremely sick. It made me realize that you have to be healthy, and be focused on the positive things because stress really takes a toll on your body.

What makes me feel better is always being with my family.

Speaking of family, you were an only child. How was it growing up?

I always wanted a brother or a sister. My mom gave me so much love and was my best friend, but I wish I had a sibling. My cousins were also like my brothers, but I think it’s still different when you have a brother or sister. I guess I will never know how it feels but that’s why I, God willing, want to have a lot of kids. I also feel like when you are an only child you don’t know how to share that much. Even though my parents taught me how to work hard for what I want and never just gave me everything, I feel like I need to know how to share a little bit more.

And how many kids would you want, ideally?

I don’t know [Laughs]. Maybe like three or four.

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