Don Omar Gives Back

Reggaetón artist, Don Omar knows the importance of helping others. 

On Thanksgiving Day, the talented singer took time off from promoting his new album, Meet the Orphans, to volunteer at the Isabella Geriatric Center in New York City

"Giving to the less fortunate, especially in these difficult times, is very important,” said Omar, who shared jokes and messages of encouragement with residents. 

“People often forget about the elderly,” he added. “They tend to be left in homes, in most cases without their family around them.”

The talented singer, 32, said his favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food.  “Arroz con gandules and potato salad,” he said. “I like a traditional Puerto Rican meal.” 

Go here to see adorable pictures of Don Omar spending his Thanksgiving with the residents of the Isabella Geriatric Center.