Does Taylor Swift Diss Camilla Belle on her New Album?

Camilla Belle's ears must be ringing! Rumor has it that country crooner Taylor Swift, 20, wrote a song on her new album Speak Now directed at the From Prada to Nada actress.

Back when Swift was dating Joe Jonas, 21, he broke her heart and left her for the beautiful Belle, 24—and apparently, the blonde songstress is still mad about it. In Taylor's song, "Better than Revenge," she refers to a mysterious actress, insinuating that the girl's promiscuous ways led to her break up with the JoBro. On the single, Swift sings: "She's an actress, Whoa. She's better known for the things she does on the mattress, Whoa."

We know everyone involved in this situation is young, but this is really some high school drama Taylor Swift is drumming up. Calling another girl a slut without giving her a chance to defend herself doesn't seem quite fair. Plus, her relationship with Joe Jonas ended over two years ago! We'd think she'd be over it by now.