7 Celebrities Who Could Play Disney Villainesses

Everyone knows that bad girls have more fun — which is why we've always loved the villains of Disney movies more than the princesses. With live-action films like Maleficent and Cinderella bringing these age-old fairy tales back to life, we got to thinking about which Latina actresses could play villainesses in upcoming movies. 

From Rita Moreno to Sofia Vergara, these stars would all be perfectly evil Disney villains: 

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1. Chita Rivera as Yzma

The comically-eccentric Yzma has a thirst for absolute power — and a flair for style. Broadway actress Chita Rivera certainly shares Yzma's knack for drama, making her the perfect fit for the role of the sensational villainess in The Emperor's New Groove


2. Madeleine Stowe as Lady Tremaine

If you've seen Revenge, you know Madeleine Stowe can believably play a vengeful, manipulative scoundrel. That experience makes her the perfect choice to fill the shoes of Lady Tremaine, aka Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother. 

3. Rita Moreno as Cruella De Vil

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations might be the worst villain of all, but you can't deny that she has style for miles. Rita Moreno may be a total sweetheart, but she also happens to be an Academy Award-winning actress. She could definitely pull off the role of the cruel puppy-snatcher with glamour and pizzazz. 

4. Gina Torres as Maleficent

Maleficent, the villain from Sleeping Beauty, has the dubious title of "Mistress of All Evil." Anyone who has ever seen Gina Torres in Suits (or anything, really) knows she possesses the unprecendented ability to strike fear in the hearts of all those around her with a simple look. She would, quite frankly, be the biggest, baddest, evilest Maleficent of all time. 

5. Sofia Vergara as Ursula

Sofia Vergara possesses the only things necessary to pull off Ursula: sass, comedic timing, and a serious appreciation for curves. The Little Mermaidsvillain has a lot of moxie and a firm belief in the power of body language. Vergara has never been afraid of over-the-top acting — and she certainly has the va-va-voom curves to pull off the role. 

6. Salma Hayek as Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel kept Rapunzel captive in their treehouse for her entire childhood. Why? Because Rapunzel's hair had a magical power that kept Mother Gothel forever young. Fact: Salma Hayek has also found the key to eternal youth, which makes her the perfect choice to make the wicked witch from Tangled. 

7. Elsa Pataky as Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa may just be a little misunderstood, but, nevertheless, she did cause a whole lot of problems for Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and the nice people of Arendelle. Actress Elsa Pataky not only shares her name with the Ice Queen, she also shares her look! We think the Spanish beauty would be perfect for a live-action recreation of Frozen