Did Salma's On-and-Off Fiancée Father Another Child?

We'd love to file this one under unfounded rumors, but the more people talk about Salma Hayek's on-and-off fiancee, Francois-Henri Pinault, and his "playboy" ways, the more we're inclined to listen.

Reports are flying that the French billionaire, who was engaged to Hayek as recently as this summer and has a daughter with the Mexican actress (the lovely-haired Valentina Paloma), has fathered another child with France's Justice Minister, Rachida Dati. Dati gave birth to baby girl just two weeks ago and caused a national commotion when she returned to work five days later and declined to identify the father. Though Dati won't confirm the rumors that said father is Pinault, she has also "refused to deny it" when explicity asked, reports UK's The Sun. Sure sounds fishy to us!

For his part, Pinault's camp is shooting down the allegations. "The rumor is not true," says his camp. "We deny it totally." But Parisians are still skeptical because Pinault's reputation as a womanizer precedes him: "He's a playboy extraordinaire," a source tells Page Six; the column points out that Pinault is also rumored to have fathered a child with former supermodel Linda Evangelista.

We hate to see Salma's good name thrown into the gossip mill like this. Do you think it's time for her to cut Francois-Henri Pinault loose, or should she try to work things out for the sake of Valentina?