Did Jennifer Lopez Lose Her Wedding Ring, Or...?

Maybe it's because we're all trained to believe that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are in a perpetual state of marital bliss, but it took us a full 12 hours to realize that J.Lo left her wedding ring at home when she attended the premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie Monday night. Was it just an innocent mistake?

It's still far too early too tell, but consider the fact that Mr. Anthony Lopez was partying solo this weekend in Las Vegas, where he caught the Oscar De La Hoya boxing match with Eva Longoria Parker and Russell Crowe. The sight of Marc alone surprised us, even at the time, because this is one married couple that stays glued at the hip. But now that we've put two and two together, we can't help but ask: what if Jennifer and Marc's marriage is really in trouble?

We know, we know...perish the thought. After all, they've got Max and Emme to raise! And just a few weeks ago, rumors were flying that they were ready to expand their brood. But it's not completely implausible to think that these two could have a fight so nasty, it would tear their world apart. They've already shown us how it's done, right? Hopefully this El Cantante clip isn't a window into their real-life marriage...because if it is, they are so screwed.