Diane Guerrero Gets Emotional Talking About Parent's Deportation

Diane Guerrero Gets Emotional Talking About Parent's Deportation

Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza on Orange Is The New Black and Lina on Jane The Virgin, broke down on a recent visit to CNN to talk in-depth about her personal experience with deportation.

As previously reported, the actress' parents and brother were deported when she was just 14-years-old. This past weekend, Guerrero, 28, penned an emotional op-ed for The Los Angeles Times about her experience.

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"I said in my letter, I would always have this feeling — I was always scared that my parents were going to be gone," she said on CNN. "They would remind me every day. I knew my dad had like this whole system. 'Here's where I hide this in case anything happens. And, you know, don't be scared and know that you're going to be okay and that we love you very much and that we wish that this situation was different for us, but this is reality.' So yes, that day I had this feeling."

Guerrero recalls the exact day her parents were taken. She said she got home from school to find their cars at the house and that dinner was started. "But I couldn't find them..." she said. "And then the neighbors came in... and they were just like, 'I'm so sorry but your parents were taken away.'"

The actress said she "broke down" immediately and hid under the bed. "I was afraid somebody was going to come for me," she said. "I don't know who that someone was, but I was just so scared.... My parents are going to jail, and for what? You know, I didn't consider them criminals."

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