Demi Lovato: Were There Warning Signs All Along?

The news that Camp Rock star Demi Lovato checked into an in-patient rehab center this week to treat emotional and physical issues surprised everyone. But is it possible that despite her clean-cut image, Demi’s been exhibiting warning signs for years? Here are a few stories over the years that made us worry.

Is she a cutter? In December 2008, Demi attended Miley Cyrus’s 16th birthday bash with mysterious marks on her wrists, making us wonder whether rumors that Demi was a cutter were true. At the time, her rep claimed that the scars weren’t from cutting, but rather from cheap rubber bracelets Demi had been wearing before the party. Is it possible that the scars were really the product of self-mutilation? We certainly hope not.

Is she scarred emotionally? During a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show in October of 2008, Demi talked about the mean girls she had to endure in middle school and how they drove her to home schooling. “I never really understood why [I was being bullied] until looking back," Demi said at the time. She added that being a working actress made her an easy target for jealous kids. "I had a different lifestyle then everyone else.” Maybe the taunting and bullying led to emotional issues?

Falling out with friends: In January of 2010, Lovato and her BFF Selena Gomez reportedly stopped being friends. They are rarely spotted in public anymore and their YouTube account is quiet, but when asked about Gomez, Demi told, "I love her and I always will." It's hard for anyone to grow apart from their best friend.

Is she heartbroken? Demi began a relationship with Joe Jonas in March and gushed about it to the media, saying, "He’s a complete gentleman; he takes me to the most amazing places. He’s perfect!” Just a few months later, they broke up. Maybe it was too weird to be on tour with a boy who broke her heart?

Twitter quitter: Although she was one of the most popular celebs on Twitter with millions of adoring followers, Demi deleted her account…twice. The second time she shut down her Twitter feed happened just this past weekend, a few days before she entered rehab.