Oops! Demi Lovato Takes a Tumble on WE Stage and Takes It Like a Champ

Oops! Demi Lovato Takes a Tumble on WE Stage But Takes It Like a Champ
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Demi Lovato is no stranger to falling and this time was no different. 

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The singer fell on the stage during a taping of WE Day California but she took the whole thing like a champ. Lovato was walking down the stage when she stumbled and fell straight down but instead of getting upset, she just laughed it off. 

"I'm okay!" she said after catching her grip. She was helped off the stage by two event personnel and then reappeared to film the shot again. 

Late last year, Lovato fell during her performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball after tripping over her mic stand. She also took another tumble when she was performing "Cool For the Summer" on a wet poolside stage. 

"Guys don't you get it by now? Only cool kids fall on stage," Lovato tweeted after she fell in December. 

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Check out some clips of Lovato falling but recovering quickly: