Demi Lovato May Have Shaded Perez Hilton and He Replied

@ddlovato/ Instagram

Apart from her killer high notes and catchy tunes, Demi Lovato is known for being extremely outspoken. She recently tweeted that she enjoyed singing her hit song "Sorry Not Sorry" in front of "notorious bully" who she said will "remain nameless because he doesn't deserve the relevance that he doesn't have anymore."

Many Twitter users noticed that Perez Hilton was in the audience and assumed that she was talking about him. The blogger also thought the shoe fit him well and went to Twitter to defend himself.  

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In the video,  the controversial blogger refers to Lovato's struggles with bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and eating disorders before saying that the hitmaker has a problem with her place in Hollywood, saying that "she's not Taylor Swift and she's not Selena Gomez." He also slammed the "Tell Me You Love Me" singer, who is an advocate for anti-bullying, calling her a bully herself.

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The "bully" title is not new to the gossip columnist. He's been called a bully since he came to relevance for outing closeted celebrities, among other ruthless entertainment news topics. Maybe it takes a bully to know another? 

What do you think? Was Demi wrong to shade the gossip king, or did Hilton go too far with his response?