Demi Lovato's Top 7 Sexiest Instagrams

Try not to have a "Heart Attack" when you check out these super sexy pics of Dems. Whether she's taking selfies in a bikini, posting behind-the-scenes photos at her concerts, or just lounging around—she always looks amazing. Here are her best 'grams.

1. bikini body

Demi got in on this summer’s biggest selfie trend: the bikini body shot. Between all the pics she’s been posting working out at the gym, we’re glad she also took a second to also show off the results!

2. Freckles

Everyone went wild on the interwebs for this barefaced photo she posted with the word “Freckles”—Demi proves natural is sexy, too.

3. Neon Lights

The “Neon Lights” singer captioned this one: "That one time I went on vacation and looked SO Latin!!!!” We’re digging all those the accessories though.

4. Black Slip

You can never go wrong in a black lace slip in our opinion.

5. 2014

"2014... feeling healthy, feeling rested.. Y'all ain't ready!!!!” Healthy looks good on you, chica.

6. snapback

Serving us a snapback hat moment with a side of sass.

7. brazil

And another swimsuit stunner pic, because, why not? Demi clearly embraced Brazil’s infamous booty-baring bikini bottom in this shot—she even tagged it: “When in Brazil…"