Demi Lovato Uses Tampons to Block Runny Nose During Her Vacation

Demi Lovato Uses Tampons to Block Runny Nose

Demi Lovato knows how to use the things around her! 

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The singer wasn't going to let her cold stop her while she was out snowmobiling so she decided to use tampons instead. Lovato posted a photo of herself wearing said tampons right before she was getting ready to party it up in the snow. 

"When you snow mobile with a cold.... Nose tampons from @DevonneByDemi coming soon..., she captioned her photo. 

That wasn't the only incident she had, the 23-year-old got the urge to use the bathroom while on the mountain so she tried to pop a squat and couldn't find a good one anywhere. The snow was so high her legs just kept sinking. 

"The further you go, the deeper it's gonna be," her friend tell us while recording her, Demi responds, "Well, I don't wanna piss right in everywhere," Lovato responds. 

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Check out the hilarious selfie below: 


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