Demi Lovato on Her Mental Health Struggles: "Every Day is a Work in Progress"

Demi Lovato on Mental Health: "Every Day is a Work in Progress"
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The past is the past, but Demi Lovato keeps learning from it each day.

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The singer has once again spoken out about her mental health struggles, bipolar disorder and addiction issues. Lovato told People that she's "living proof" of someone struggling with such issues. “If you know someone or if you’re dealing with it yourself, just know that it is possible to live well,” she said.

Though the 24-year-old star seems to be well past her hardest days, she admits that she takes each day as it comes. "Every day is a work in progress so hopefully I make it to 2017 with my sobriety," she said. “That relationship is ongoing — it’s not something where you see a therapist once or you see your psychiatrist once, it’s something you maintain to make sure that you want to live with mental illness. You have to take care of yourself," Lovato explained. Her family and friends, of course, are a big help. "They’re there for me at any moment of the day and will be there to support me throughout my recovery,” she continued.

When Lovato sought treatment back in 2013, she explains that she had to distract herself when tempted to do something harmful. Surprisingly enough, the singer played video game Zombarazzie Adventure to help. “It’s cool to be able to come out with games for phones that can maybe be a distraction for someone when they’re thinking about doing something that can be harmful to themselves,” Lovato said.

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Last year, Lovato began a joint campaign with five mental-health organizations called Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health. She even went so far as heading to Capital Hill to bring awareness to the issue. Then, earlier this year, the "Confident" singer announced a partnership with CAST Centers, the Los Angeles-based wellness facility she was treated at.  The star also partnered with Getty Images and photographer Shaul Schwarz to show a more accurate portrayal of mental health in America. Below, Lovato shared some of the inspiring images: