EXCLUSIVE: Danny Trejo Talks Playing Marcia Brady & His Love For The Puppy Bowl

Danny Trejo Super Bowl Snicker Commercial Interview

Danny Trejo has taken on the most frightening, intimidating, horrifying role of his career....

Hungry Marcia Brady. 

The Machete actor stars in Snickers' newest Super Bowl advertisment as the eldest Brady sister. In the full 30-second clip, which Snickers released on Thursday morning, Trejo proves that you're really not you when you're hungry. The commercial — one of the funniest Super Bowl spots in recent years — also features a very special guest apperance from a Boardwalk Empire actor. 

We chatted with Danny Trejo about the challenges of playing a member of the Brady Bunch, his extreme love for The Puppy Bowl, and his thoughts on that infamous Al Madrigal skit about Latinos in Texas:

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How did you land the role as Marcia Brady?

[Laughs] You know what, when my agent called me, and said "I have a surprise for you. They want you to play Marcia Brady." I thought, "You mean, I have been this badass in Hollywood for 20 years. I've been the tough guy. I'm tougher than anybody. I'm the meanest. I'm Machete! And now I'm.... Marcia Brady?" [Laughs] My agent told me, 'Yeah, well it's for Snickers.

I feel like playing Marcia Brady is probably one of your strangest roles.

I finally got something to say when they ask me, "Danny, what was your strangest role?"

How did you prepare for the role? Did you just show up?

Well, I knew the show! [Laughs] I'd seen the show, but then I also was in love with the mom.

Are you also a pretty grumpy dude when you're hungry?

Nobody, nobody, gets near me when I'm hungry! So funny. My daughter, she'll be like, "Hey, get him something to eat!" My daughter Danielle — she knows me like a book. 

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