EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez On the New NFL Women's Apparel Campaign & Being a Mami!

EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez On Football & NFL's Women's Apparel Campaign

Okay. Awesome! Now you welcomed twins in December, how has motherhood been treating you?

Oh, amazing! There are no words to explain my joy. My children are everything. They’re actually with my mom in the Dominican Republic right now because I had to fly to Los Angeles to do a Q&A for the Emmys, so I’m missing them. I get to see them tomorrow.

I think that the one thing that is sad about being a working mom is the fact that you love your children so much and then you kind of have to go away and do work, and there aren’t enough hours in the [day] to spend with them. I’m so in love with them. It’s just beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Now I’m going to make them little football fans, too.

[Laughs] We’re sure they will be. Do you have any advice for first time moms?

Go with your first instinct always. I think a lot of times when you’re a first time mom you just want to be so careful and you overanalyze things sometimes. But I think your first instinct as a mother is always right. That’s what I’ve learned and maybe for me it was a little different because I have two, you know? I really didn’t have a lot of time to over think anything, and I think it really helped me because I was so nervous about becoming a mom. Now I feel like I have it all figured it out. Somebody’s choking, I turn them upside down [Laughs].

[Laughs] Do you have any last words that you want to share with our readers?

Last words that I want to share? Ooh, this is intense. I love playing Rosie on Devious Maids and I think that if Rosie would have an NFL team to root for, she would also be a Cleveland Browns fan.