EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez On the New NFL Women's Apparel Campaign & Being a Mami!

EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez On Football & NFL's Women's Apparel Campaign

Who's ready for some football?! Dania Ramirez, that's who!

The Devious Maids actress has teamed up with the NFL Shop to bring women their latest apparel campaign.

In 2009, the NFL recognized a consumer fashion need for female fans and launched “NFL Women’s Apparel: Fit For You,” encouraging women to throw out the boxy jerseys and seek an array of fashion that showed off their team pride.  But this year’s campaign has been created to emphasize “Together We Make Football,” with customizable looks that transform passion into everyday fashion options.

Ramirez is one of the faces of this year's campaign and she spoke to us all about her love for football, her involvement with the NFL's women's apparel campaign this year, and being a first-time mom. Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Let’s talk about your involvement with the NFL women’s  “Together We Make Football” campaign. Are you a football fan?

I’m a huge NFL fan! I actually have played fantasy football on a regular basis, and I’ve been a fan of the Cleveland Browns forever, so when the opportunity sort of presented itself I was like this is really cool. I’m friends with a bunch of women that are really big NFL fans [too] and we don’t necessarily have campaigns devoted to apparel for women that love the NFL and that love their team. So I think that you know my involvement was just an exciting way to combine my love for fashion and football.

Definitely, so did you just wear the regular guy jerseys before?

You know what I used to do back in the day? And this is so funny [Laughs]. I used to just buy the kids jerseys ‘cause there really wasn’t a lot for women that loved certain teams. It wasn’t as cool ‘cause you know we’re females, and everybody has a different sense of style. So it’s just nice to see that now they’ve expanded their brand and they’re speaking to female fans. It’s not just a male’s sport.

Yeah, for sure. What do you think women will love most about the new apparel?

I think that fans are going to love that they can show their love for whatever team and mix it with their own personal style. For one of the photos that we shot for the campaign, I got to wear this really cute cropped Cleveland Browns jersey, and that was just sort of my way to kind of bring a little New York Street vibe into the team that I love and kind of represent myself that way. So that’s what I think women are going to love the most…the fact that there is a variety of things that you can use to express your love for your team and your sense of fashion.

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