Dania Ramirez Proudly Partners with Mattel to Donate Toys to the Boys & Girls Club

EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez Proudly Partners with Mattel to Donate Toys to the Boys & Girls Club
Mattel & Jennifer Graylock

This holiday season, Dania Ramirez has traded in her former Devious Maids character for a good cause. The 37-year-old actress has partnered with Mattel to donate more than $10,000 worth of toys to children of the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley in the Los Angeles area.

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We chatted with the actress about how important this holiday-centric charity work was to her and her family. Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Tell us about what you’re doing with Mattel this Christmas.

We’re donating $10,000 worth of toys – popular toys from Mattel, such as Barbie Fashionista, which I love because there are different types of Barbies (skin types, hair colors, etc.), and this is a great reflection of the world. I’m excited to bring a smile to kids’ faces and for them to feel the joy of the holidays. I love the holidays, so for me it’s really important, and I think it’s really important. And now that I have my kids, there’s nothing better than seeing a smile on their faces and see the same joy. And to be able to contribute to my Latino community! There are two more toys that we’re gifting – the Hot Wheels AI and the Mega Bloks Food Truck. Both are really fun for both kids so I’m really excited to be able to give back to my community for the holidays.

Amazing! How did you first get involved with this initiative?

Charities have always been a really big part of my journey. I come from the Dominican Republic and I didn’t have money, so I feel very blessed to be able to achieve the success that I have, and I’m always looking for ways to give back. When I was looking into the Boys & Girls Club, I was interested in it because of children. I’ve always tried to do charitable work with kids because they’re our future, right? And I love the work they do, and they’ve been around for over 100 years. They help so many kids – over 4 million globally, and 1 million of them are Latin kids, so I found that really interesting and I spoke to my publicists about maybe reaching out. Mattel was just the perfect fit. It’s the holidays, and we’re able to give toys.

I remember being young and really wanting a Barbie, and not being able to afford one, but at this point in my life, just to be able to be a  part of this movement and to be able to give to kid and change their lives in a way is really a blessing and I’m really grateful to be able to have the opportunity to do so.