Dania Ramirez on Being a Sex Symbol: "A Lot of Men Are Intimidated By Me"


"I'm excited!" says Dominican hottie Dania Ramirez about her cover for the August issue of Maxim, on newsstands this week. While taking a break from filming her upcoming movie Premium Rush, the down-to-earth beauty chatted with Latina.com about how she keeps her body bikini-ready, what life is like now that she's hanging wth the boys from Entourage, and how it feels to be considered a "sex symbol."

On being a sex symbol and keeping the men away
It’s hard, I tell you (laughing). No, the truth is that I think a lot of men are intimated by me. I don’t get approached as much as people may think I do.  I think people like to look at me from afar.

On staying in great shape
Well, right now I’m in great shape because I’m training for the movie I’m filming, but I’m pretty much always in shape because I used to play volleyball when I was younger and have great muscle memory. I personally like to do a lot of outdoor activities. I usually alternate weight training with more cardio oriented exercises. I don’t really like to do both at the same time because I can get too bulky.  I think the easiest thing for anyone to do is stuff like bike ride, hiking or rollerblading, where you are using your muscle, but also burning calories. 

On her Maxim photo shoot experience
The shoot felt very primal. I usually like to get into whatever character I’m playing for that particular issue, so my mentality was very animalistic. The horse being in the shoot was very organic and kinda crazy, actually.  I was rolling around in the sand and I saw everybody’s eyes go to something behind me and I look back and there’s this horse, basically my same complexion, rolling around doing the same thing I’m doing. The horse starts running towards me, I pet him and finally jumped on top of the horse as they start shooting  I think you can see in the pictures that there’s a real connection between me and the horse (laughing).

To hear more about Dania's photo shoot and what she’s up to next, catch her on the George Lopez Show tonight at 11pm EST.

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