EXCLUSIVE: Christina Ochoa Talks 'Matador' & Being a Science Enthusiast

Christina Ochoa
Isaac Sterling

Christina Ochoa is the poster child for beauty and brains!

The 29-year-old Barcelona-born actress is starring alongside Gabriel Luna and Alfred Molina in El Rey Network's new original series, Matador, while also devoting time to her first love of science.

Ochoa comes from a family that has embraced both science and the arts. Her great-uncle, Severo Ochoa, is a 1959 Nobel Prize Winner, and her father, Victor Ochoa, is a famous sculptor in Spain.

We chatted with the gorgeous Spanish actress to get all the details on her role in Matador, discuss her passion for science, and more. Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

You're starring in El Rey Network's new series, Matador. Tell us about your character Karen.

She’s smart, she’s opinionated, very strong, soulful, loving and she’s as conflicted and hesitant as Tony is about taking their relationship to a different level.. who would want to play her? I'm incredibly grateful to the writers for adding all those subtleties and colors to her personality. Every week at the table-reads I see something new and insightful into her, in the script. Her character evolves throughout the season. Playing Karen is a delight, and the cast that I get to engage with (most of my scenes are either with Gabriel — Tony, or his family), is so incredibly talented and funny and kind that it makes going to work feel like anything but work.

Describe Karen's relationship with Tony "Matador."

Karen is Tony “Matador" Bravo’s best friend from childhood, and represents all the things he has been deprived of, in a sense: normality, stability, love, honesty. I love the layers we see unraveling in her, as well as in their relationship. Its an intense will they/won’t they, but its even more charged because of the vast history they share. Theres so much at stake. Gabe [Gabriel Luna] is so much fun to work with. Beyond the evident talent that he possesses, he has a very genuine depth that is easy to connect with. There is nothing better than sharing the scene with actors like that…. actors with depth in their performances, and in their lives.

What was it like working with Robert Rodriguez?

To be part of a show under that kind of a flagship-- that impressive of a name and talent…is incredibly humbling and inspiring. It also has a funny effect on the rest of us. A director like Robert, and producers of the caliber we have on this show, and Alfred Molina — don't get me started on how amazing Alfred is!— they are our leaders, our superiors if you will. We all look up to them, and when you get leaders like these, and they are the nicest, and most humble and just cool people you could ever meet. It transpires somehow to the environment. I've never been on a set where people loved each other as much as on the set of Matador. We genuinely enjoy each other, we all hang out on weekends, we support each other and celebrate everyones success; writers, crew, cast…everyone. I attribute this wonderful environment, to the example set by these leaders.

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