Christina Milian's Divorce Nightmare

In what appears to be a clear case of mixed messages, Christina Milian is requesting that the divorce complaint filed by her soon-to-be-ex-husband The Dream be dismissed based on numerous grounds—one of which is that she thought the two were reconciling even after the papers were filed.

A copy of The Dream's petition for separation has hit the Web, and on it are the signatures of both he and Milian agreeing to an amicable separation and even split of assets. The petition—which was presented to a bedridden Milian on February 17th, just days before the birth of the couple's daughter, Violet, and five months after their September 4, 2009 wedding—also states that both parties agree to no alimony. Even though she initialed each page of the petition at the time, Milian filed her official response in July of this year stating that she and The Dream slept together after the 17th (therefore there were not in a "state of bonafide separation") and that she is entitled to money. In the document, Milian also states that "If the parties' marriage is determined by the court to be over, it is due to the adultery of [The-Dream]."

News of the pending divorce became public when incriminating pictures of The Dream frolicking with his assistant began to circulate. "Whatever you think… believe it," Christina wrote on her Twitter page in response at the time. When caught up with the singer on the red carpet at a Sex and the City 2 premiere in May and asked her about married life, she didn't let on that there were any issues. (Or did she?) "That's a whooooole other adventure," she told us. "You think dating is like an adventure; marriage is a whole other situation."