Christina Aguilera's Clockwork Orange-Themed Cumpleaños

Jessica Alba wasn't the only one throwing a party this weekend! Christina Aguilera celebrated her 28th birthday (which was actually on December 18th) with a bash inspired by the British cult classic A Clockwork Orange. The pop star and her hubby Jordan Bratman went over the top for the festivities, wearing all white clothes, black felt hats, canes and painted-on eyelashes, just like the movie's mistanthropic leading man.

Unfortunately, it looks like Christina's VIP guests--including Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton--didn't dress up for the occasion, though Joel Madden got into the spirit with some white on white attire. When did it become cool to show up for your friends costume party in plainclothes? Oh that's right, never.

Ah, well...judging by the martinis that Christina sipped through the night, it seems nothing could put a damper on her special night. Feliz cumpleaños, girl!