Christina Aguilera Goes Goth For Baby Max

Angelina Jolie isn't the only celebrity who likes to accessorize with bodily fluids! Christina Aguilera recently revealed to InStyle
magazine that her favorite piece of jewelry is a locket gifted to her
by hubby Jordan Bratman to celebrate her first Mother's Day with baby

The locket, created by designer Stephen Webster, is in a heart shape,
encrusted with rubies and pierced by a diamond sword embellished at the
tip with a tiny drop of blood. The songstress goes on to explain why
she holds the gift so dear, "I love the symbolism of the blood droplet,
it's like Max pierced my heart."

Aguilera does not attempt to hide her love for blingy baubles. When
asked by the mag whether it is ever inappropriate to wear jewelry the
pop star responded, "'Not appropriate' is not something I live by.
Probably the only time I did not wear jewelery was when I gave birth to
my son, and only then because I was so swollen!"